I FINALLY GOT MY MACRO LENS!!!!!! Hopefully, that means my photos will be improving. It’s been so long since I’ve posted regularly, time to whip back into shape! For my virgin shots I decided to take some pictures of stuff from my room. Most of it is from today’s haul though because going through your… Read More IT’S HERE.

Earth Day 2014

I realize I have fallen behind schedule…(still haven’t posted that st.patricks one yet…) But I am unofficially GRADUATED!! weeeee!! meaning I won’t have much of an excuse to delay anymore….>.> thankfully, there aren’t many festivities left so any delay will be set by my own standards muahahaha       Anyway, the most recent celebration… Read More Earth Day 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter everyone! The cover photo for today depicts a message, can you figure it out?? (Here it is again) Like Christmas, there is something to be remembered other than decorating eggs and trailing the Easter bunny. On Remembrance Day we remember the soldiers that died for our country. On Easter, we (Christians) remember Christ… Read More Easter 2014

Be Still….

I was at work one day when I noticed that we got in this new book. Obviously the first thing that caught my eye was the words “nail polish”. So I was like, oooo wat dis?? (yes exactly like that) Turns out it’s a devotionals book. They’re super short devos that apparently are doable in… Read More Be Still….