How it all began…
My nail fanatic was born during the early university years when I no longer had the creative outlet I had in high school. The collection began with some of my mom’s old nail polish and grew, and grew, and grew and …well you get the idea. I liked the concept of nail art because it’s mini art that you can take out and share. It’s beautiful and a conversation starter. The only down side is that it fades quickly, but alas! It can kept in a bottle with just the click of a camera!

You’ll probably find I have the most posts during the semester when I’m stressed and depressed. This is my stress relief. A lot of people thinks it takes a lot of time, well that depends on what design you’ve decided on. Most of the time I apply one layer and I’m pretty helpless, so I study. After a while it dries and I apply another layer, so on and so forth. When I’m done studying, I also happen to have beautiful nails!

I actually never thought I’d start a blog just about nails, but now that I have, I wonder why I haven’t done this sooner. I enjoy writing also, but I find I have less and less time for creative writing (mostly papers now). And I’ve also come to realize how much of my daily life dictates what happens on my nails. Hence the name Nailifey, which is a combination of Nail and life. Unfortunately the name Nailife was already taken so I added a “y” to make it sound “cute” but realized it also spelled the word fey which is another word for faerie, representing a kind of ethereal beauty. It encompasses the concepts I have for nail art, so it works for me!

What to expect…
I don’t have a lot of time, or tolerance for long nails, so my designs tend to be fairly simple and tailored for short nails. I think one of the best things about having a hobby is being able to share it with other people, so share with me! Let me know what tips you’ve developed, which brands you love, things you’re having issues with, and the awesome deals you find! I very rarely buy my nail polishes full price and I’m pretty cheap so I’ll share some of my hunting sites and shopping tricks once in a while too!


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