Square who??

1600999_735271106506611_1272440667_nSquare HUE!!

I actually discovered this organization a while ago, and I’ve always been interested in subscribing except for the fact that I have so many colors already! I wish I had discovered it sooner šŸ˜¦

So what is it exactly?

It’s nail polish for a cause!! for $23.99 (S&H and tax included) a month, they will send you 3 surprise nail polishes and a portion of their proceeds are donated for a cause. Currently (and has been for a while I think) has been for ending human trafficking through A21. The design of your account information is also very ergonomic. It’s super clear when your next payment/shipment is coming up and whether you want to suspend it or cancel it.

And now it’s all your fault because by checking out this site again, I finally caved in and bought my first subscription. ALL YOUR FAULT. (and also cause they have this tasty cover picture on their website right now. And they have a bogo promo going on. And I like surprises. sort of)

Visit their website at http://www.squarehue.com/ for more information. I’ve added a couple pictures below because my biggest question was what kinds of colors do they ship out? Can’t wait to share my first box with you guys!



This post was not sponsored. Sadly.


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