Earth Day 2014

P1050078I realize I have fallen behind schedule…(still haven’t posted that st.patricks one yet…)

But I am unofficially GRADUATED!! weeeee!! meaning I won’t have much of an excuse to delay anymore….>.>
thankfully, there aren’t many festivities left so any delay will be set by my own standards muahahaha



P1050079 Anyway, the most recent celebration to have past us on April 22 is EARTH DAYYY!!
What did you do to commemorate this day? I’m pretty sure I was still at home being a mole, cramming, surrounded by piles and piles of paper. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t really do anything especially Earth friendly out of my normal routine. I probably bused for the last time EVER….actually that’s probably a bad thing. But I absolutely DESPISE the public transportation system in Edmonton. P1050082

I couldn’t settle on any one thing for Earth day so I decided to do a representation of a couple of species groups. Representing Mammalia is the squirrel, the bird represents Aves, umm the ocean themed one represents aquatic living things (I realize how vague that is, but the ocean probably represents very a many animal groups) and butterflies for invertebrates. I recently bought a stamping plate from Essie that had MUSHROOMS on it which would have been great for fungi, but it was defective. The imprints were not deep enough for any nail polish to stay in it. I was super disappointed =(   P1050083P1050100You may also find that this post is awfully long with very many similar pictures. That’s because the photos turned out really well this time and I couldn’t decide which one!! and most of those crazy nail blogs always have a lot of pictures of the same thing…so I decided to give it a go. You’ll also notice that I have a lot of cuts on my hands, because I was building this ridiculously heavy wooden card spinner for work and contracted a couple scrapes and cuts. AND even after building that thing, my nails are still pretty much, like, PERFECT. (singing more compliments for lippmann’s gel lab)

P1050086I love every design I came up with, I wouldn’t mind expanding each one into individual manis! (Actually on my left hand, I have an ocean themed one hehehee). Which one do you like best? P1050102



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