Easter 2014

Happy Easter everyone!

The cover photo for today depicts a message, can you figure it out?? (Here it is again)

P1050059Like Christmas, there is something to be remembered other than decorating eggs and trailing the Easter bunny.
On Remembrance Day we remember the soldiers that died for our country. On Easter, we (Christians) remember Christ that died for our salvation. The cross if often worn as jewelery, printed as a pattern on clothes, but it wasn’t always a beautiful thing, it was a thing to be feared for to die on the cross is agonizing. This is the inspiration for my nails this Easter. I used some silver studs to depict nails and blobbed “Iron-willed” from Loreal underneath it as blood. P1050071I had wanted to research the origin of the Easter bunny and eggs, but it was awfully complicated, so I’ll just let you read it here if you’re interested. So next time you think to wear something with crosses, I hope that other than it being just another fashion statement, you will remember the one who died for you.

P1050065base color: Shandy – Butter London

Answer: For God so loved the world, He have His only son. John 3:16


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