April Showers

P1050016As I’m studying for my last midterm (hopefully the last one EVER), naturally, my mind turns to nail art. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I DO have posts, they’re just a little backed up… P1050037

It’s almost Easter, but I think I can delay my Easter post for just another week. I have a thing for rain and rain drops and I’ve always wanted to do a raindrop mani. As I’m thinking about these April showers, I recall my dog Shiloh. He passed away 6 years ago and today (April 1st) is his birthday! He would have turned a youthful 11 years old this year. I remember how he loved the smell of rain, and on rainy days we’d sit by an open window together and just watch the rain fall. But he was  afraid of thunder, so when it was stormy, we’d run and hide under the covers.

I remember the first storm, shortly after you first came home. You hid behind the toilet, shaking uncontrollably. How alone and how scared you must have been here in this new and strange place. But thank you for coming here, into our home, and into our hearts.

Happy Birthday Shiloh! You are still so loved and so missed.



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