Oh Bummer Bumster

I wasn’t even going to post about this one. I did this mani super fast in bed the night before because I just couldn’t go to service with bare nails! So as I was brushing my teeth I was thinking I should do something really simple with a polish I’ve been dying to use = Butter London!!
I got a whole bunch (4) of Butter Londons from Winners in December. This one, Bumster, cost me $12 compared to $17 retail price is not actually much of a discount, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it! It’s the PERFECT shade of mustard yellow. Fun fact: Bumster is Brit slang for one’s bottom, or butt. 20140302_200117
But on another day when I was hunting for good deals I found a couple of polishes from their High Tea Collection for …. (drumrolllll) FIVE DOLLARS. FIVE!! I didn’t even think about it and grabbed one of each color (Tea & Toast, Crumpet and Shandy). Which was apparently featured in Oprah’s favorite things in 2013. Which I don’t really care about. But I love opaque creamy colors and I’ve wanted the collection since I set eyes on it.

Everyone always raves about how Butter London is super smooth. And I can’t help but feel disappointed. Perhaps I was led to have overly high expectations. Don’t get me wrong, it was quite smooth, and considering I was trying to paint my nails while balancing my tablet on my knees in bed over a blanket in low light, the fact it wasn’t disastrous is probably a miracle in itself. But I shall withhold further judgement until I try the other ones too, because texture does vary by color even within the same brand.

p.s. Tilted Blue by gosh is the other polish I used. I’m going to cry when this polish runs out, because it will at the rate I’m using it T_T


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