Ding Dong, Free Polish!!

P1040895 I am exploding with things to share with you today!
But you’re probably exploding to know about the free polish so let’s talk about that first.
If you don’t know by now, I do most of my polish shopping at shoppers, and I got this coupon that would give me 20x the points on any polish. So I go in and Essie is having 10x the points and on sale for $8. What I didn’t realize was that the promo date on the sticker indicated that it was over the day before. I picked up this blue (which isn’t the “exact” shade of blue I was looking for, but hey it’s a good deal). I go to pay for it and it comes up at $10, and like your average consumer I point out that the price is incorrect. We walk over to the shelf together which is when I notice that the promo was over. Being experienced in retail I’m totally prepared to fight for them to honor the priciing. But the associate turns to me and says, “sorry about that! Because it’s our fault that the signage was left up you’ll get this for a penny ($0.01)”. Four things came up in my head at that time. 1. Wait she meant I get another penny off right? 2. No she really meant that I get it for a penny, grab it and RUN before she changes her mind! 3. …GRAB MORE! 4. This totally doesn’t make my coupon worthwhile, but I guess if it’s free….P1040911
What actually happened… I didn’t get my coupon back. I didn’t go grab more (I chickened out plus she ripped the signage apart in front of me). I didn’t get a penny off. I got if for  A PENNY which basically means  I got it for free (pennies are discontinued in Canada). SAY WHUT?!  Yah you read it right. FREE!! So next time you’re at shoppers, keep an eye out for expired promos. Though I expect if you pick up 3-5 items you’d have to pay a nickle (so pick 5).

Okay, now on to the Ding Dong. No it’s not the door bell. It’s actually a character from a Japanese anime/manga that became popular in Asia in the 90’s, therefore my childhood. His english name is Doraemon. In Chinese that is pronounced dough-ah-lay-mong,  in short we call him Ding Dong. When I got the free polish,  I really wanted to share it with you guys and I felt it was a perfect opportunity to do this Ding Dong mani I’ve been dying to do. Unfortunately, the stamping plate I used wasn’t exactly good quality so it lacks clarity. But FREE POLISH!!!


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