The Ultimate Statement


Most girls have a soft spot for lace and a mesmerizing attraction to bling. Say hello to the ultimate combination revealed in a statement necklace. Please take a few moments to gush over it and try not be too jelly.

Now, you’re probably wondering how this is supposed to be under nail crafts. It’s true the bling is pretty generic. I mean, you can use it to decorate pretty much anything. Like this necklace.  OR YOUR NAILS. If you order them online they come in packs of hundreds. And if you’re anything like me you really hesitate to wear them on your nails cause they’ll fall off and be gone forever even though they may not have cost that much in the first place. Here they’ve found a forever home and I still have plenty left for my nails.
I didn’t make the lace necklace myself, it came as part of a card from Hallmark’s Signature collection, which i bought for the necklace actually. I forgot to take a before picture, but I swear I’ll hunt one down in the store and take a picture of it. I figured $3.15 isn’t too bad to spend on a statement necklace. And it could be very presentable with some additional touches!

What do you think?


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