Valentine 2014

P1040860I have never faced such a large conundrum for Valentines day. I came up with 19 different designs. NINETEEN! And if you’re of the average person like me, we’ve only got 10 fingers. But, I was able to weed it down to five and I have to say I am more than happy with the results!! I’ve pulled most of my tricks out of the bag for this one including, stamping, sugar spun technique, 3D decals and free hand.
I got the metal heart decal from Forever 21 which came in a wheel of assorted studs. I wouldn’t call this one a stud though cause it’s so big =.= anyways, Forever now has quite a selection on nail polishes and nail art sets at fairly reasonable prices. And I found out that I had $20 worth of credit lying around. Time to go shopping!

p.s. As you’ve probably noticed I’ve gotten restless with my previous layout again. What do you think of it now?


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