The Great Reveal 2013

I’ve been waiting to write this post FOREVER!
But I’ve FINALLY given away the last of my Christmas presents ^^
Each piece was made with a LOT of love, patience and consideration. As they were revealed to each person, the biggest question was “how did I make them???”

Step 1: The Object
The “What” part of the project. I had to take into consider their occupation (i.e. are they allowed to wear rings at work), and their style (i.e. do they even wear rings?). If the answer was no to any of the above, then they got a magnet. As for the ornament, she didn’t have a fridge that allows for magnets, and she has cats (yes those two cats) so it had to be a plastic ornament.

Step 2: The Design
I wanted these pieces to be as timeless as possible, but yet had to be personalized enough to show how much each person meant to me. Each piece reflects something that they’re really into, a personal style, favorite color/polish etc. Then, the design would be drafted on a piece of paper along with the basic technicalities of how to create the design.

Step 3: The Creation
Each piece is created differently, but the general idea is to work backwards. For example, for characters, the pupils must be drawn first, followed by the rest of the eye, mouth etc. Each layer must be completely dry before moving on to the next layer, or you will risk smudging. For detailing, I usually wait at least 2 hours. For larger areas of color I wait at least 1 day and at least 2-3 days for the final layers before mounting. Although I go about my day as I wait, each individual piece ends up taking an immense amount of time before completion.
The painting itself must be smaller than you want it to appear from the front, so fine lines and details must be “carved”. This means that the paint must be pushed (while still wet) or scratched off (when dry) with a cuticle pusher or toothpick depending on the effect you want.

I really, really hope that all of you enjoy your pieces!!


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