The Rainbow Fish 2

20140118_144159 20140118_144319Call me long-winded or obsessed, but I feel like the first set of pictures didn’t do it justice. I usually judge the success of my designs by how many compliments/comments I get from the public. I know it sounds vain, but I’m almost desperate here. So far this one has gotten a whole 1. BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT. So I decided to give it more press, another chance to speak for itself.
After waiting for the perfect lighting, I was finally able to catch the glitter from Bling in the Sea. Most of the glitter is actually transparent that becomes irridescent in light which makes it seem as though the bubbles are moving. Okay, I’ll stop raving about it now. So you can go 20140118_150739pin it on pinterest, and share it on facebook etc.  20140118_151051







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