The Rainbow Fish and more


The Rainbow fish used to be one of my favorite stories as a child. I think more for the bling than the story itself. Yes my love for all things shinyyyyy…..  ….  ahem, started young. This is one of my all time favorites! I love the ocean, and my new favorite color apparently, is that deep ocean blue. And yup, I just made that up. But you can see what it looks like in the picture.

I absolutely love the effect of Bling in the Sea by Edute House. It does an amazing job mimicking bubbles and gives it that extra depth. 20140112_233307_resizedOn that note, I really have to improve my photography skills. If you think it looks good in the picture. It’s mesmerizing in real life.
For stamping the little fishies, I used Urban Outfitters, Silver Holo, so that it reflects all these rainbow-e colors in the light. Just like the Rainbow fish! See what I did there? (okay bad joke). For the scales I used American Apparel’s Malibu Green. Now let’s move into point form because it gets complicated here.

Accent Nail
Base: Gosh – Tilted Blue
Glitter: Deborah Lippmann – Across the Universe
Detail: American Apparel – Malibu Green

Everything Else
Base: Gosh – Tilted Blue
Glitter: Etude House – Bling in the Sea ♥♥♥
Detail: Urban Outfitters – Silver Holo

And as a plus, 20140112_232833_resizedI also did my mom’s nails! But she works in skin care and they want subtle nail polish. Which gives me an opportunity to try out my new polish, Glamorous Life by Deborah Lippmann. EEEK! So excited to add this polish to my lippmann collection! I picked it up at winners for $20 (which is close to regular price) BUT, it came with a free matching lipstick. So not too bad of a deal.
I would describe it as a rose gold cashmere. Beautiful. But what isn’t from Lippmann?

I’m sorry I lack in photography, you can barely make out the details, but here’s what I used.
Base: Deborah Lippmann – Glamorous Life
Glitter: American Apparel – Meteor Shower
Detail: Zoya – Jacqueline

20140112_232809(0)_resizedLast note I swear. Essence has come out with a special edition gold flakey that is VERY much similar to Meteor Shower, but has smaller, denser, and more even sized flakes. Is it better? You’re the judge, but I like to think so. Is it cheaper. Yup. Meteor Shower is around $7, Essence is $2.99. Don’t ask me what the name is, I don’t remember. But you can get it at Shoppers. Because it’s special edition, you won’t find it on the Essence rack. Look for it’s own special display. Happy Hunting!

p.s. I LOVE YOU for reading this far.


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