I want a deer for Christmas

20131225_215749_resizedI have deer on my nails. DEER.   EEEK!! Imagine Rapunzel’s high squeal of excitement, yes with the big round eyes too. That’s pretty much my face right now. I have a huge, HUGE, soft spot for ungulates (hooved animals). Horses, deer, unicorns, which by the way I have on one of the other stamping plates I ordered with my Christmas stamp set.

20131212_211424I used a stamping plate from MoYou, and isolated the deer by using a cotton swab dampened with acetone on the stamper to remove any part I didn’t want. The trick is really the dampening, because if it’s soaked it tends to ruin the design when you move it onto your nails.
Although you are required to be quite speedy in picking up the design from the plate, you do have a little bit more time before you transfer it to your nails.

30 min till boxing day. Merry Christmas everyone!!20131223_221315_resized


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