CHRISTMAS!! In most senses.


Touch: Essie’s hors d’ oeuvres from their new encrusted treasures collection is not only super shiny but also textured. It is even pigmented enough to do nail art! It’s variety of glitter catches light at every angle and reminds me of ornaments and shiny Christmas things
I picked this up at shoppers for $9.50

Smell: Balsam fir is from Revlons new scented line. It is not the first time they’ve had scented polishes, but i must say they’ve really refined it this time. The scent remains quite strong for a couple hours after drying (so you don’t have to ask people to smell your nails, and please don’t go and sniff the bottles). The polish is also pigmented enough that i might have to take it for a stamping test!
I also got this at shoppers along with african tea rose. The selling price is $8.50 but I had a buy one get one free coupon.

Sight: colors, sparkles, ornaments? Need I say more? The ciate polishes were a gift to my mom from her coworkers for her birthday. Naturally when she came home with it I squeaked (like Rapunzel) and practically ran away with it.
I won’t ruin it by telling you how much it is, since it IS a gift. But you can get it at sephora.
OH, and also moyou stamping plates. EEEK!! So excited to try them out!

This is actually the first Christmas I really get to spend with my family and a couple of new family members! I am so so SO thankful, no physical gift could ever compare! But this has reminded me a little of the magic of Christmas when I was a kid, when it was still about Santa and presents. When something you wanted unexpectedly arrives in your hands from someone you never expected. But even more so we should not forget the true meaning of Christmas. I am most thankful for the gift of Christ, that we may through Him have come to know God, who has such reckless love for us, and recieve salvation.


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