Not so Christmas Lace

I love Christmas. I really do. 20131130_154306_resized
But I also think that we think about Christmas a little bit too early. At least wait until tomorrow!
I’ve also been on a runaway train on getter to more and more complex designs, so I wanted to try something simpler, something I’ve always wanted to try. While rummaging through my hoard (yes very much so like Golem), I came across this lace tape I purchased from Daiso a couple years ago. And because of my Golem like character, I tend not to use the prettiful things I buy. But I realized I now live in the 21st century where buying things online is cheap and fast, and that there will always be new things to buy and try so why not use it?

20131130_154530_resizedI’ve also had this “thing” for teal recently, so obviously that’s why I chose Private Dancer, a purple-bronze chrome from Lippman. I had the good intentions of choosing a teal, in fact I had originally pick out Mermaid’s Dream. But I couldn’t resist the chance to use this stunning purple. The bronze doesn’t really show once you put it on, you can only see it at odd angles and it’s very dull. 20131130_154723_resized



After cutting the tape to size, I bent it a little to better shape the curve of my nail and enforced the edges with a bit of nail glue. I covered it with Essence’s Gel-look top coat to really keep those edges down during my work day. And finally topped it off with Lippman’s Gel Lab top coat to keep away those chips. Obviously with that many coats, drying time took a little longer, but I think the results were worth it! 20131130_142028_resized



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