Little Miss Sunshine

First post from my nail haul!20131002_180458_resized

I don’t normally go for yellows, I really don’t, but Little Miss Sunshine is just SO adorable!
And let me just say the minute I saw this color I thought “wouldn’t it be cute to do a mani with little miss sunshine?” I later discovered that, that was actually the name of the color! Aptly named? I think so!

You’re probably thinking….but this design doesn’t have little miss sunshine in it…
when I was painting this, my mind changed a million times.
I wore the color alone for a day, just so I could admire it by itself.
then I wore it with polka dots for a day.
Then I decided, you know what I’m going to go ahead with miss sunshine. I never realized that she actually wasn’t pink…so I decided to paint miss birthday instead!
But I got as far as her face color and was like “oh my! this is already so pretty!!”

So maybe tomorrow, I will paint her face, but for today this will be it.



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