I’ve reached the point where I can’t remember my colors. Especially since I’ve hauled about oh 20 nail polishes from shoppers’ recent $2 sale (which you ALL went to cause you read my post right?).

Having recently moved my entire collection to another space, I found some notebooks and the light bulb went off! Why not record all my colors in the notebook! (p.s. I also have a “small” collection of notebooks) My two greatest loves put together! I’m very excited about this project.

I’ve placed a couple pieces of tape and painted a sample swatch on them. I’ve decided to organize by color since my nail rack is organized by brand for a more clean look. It will also make it much easier when choosing colors for my nail art (and another reason to play with polish).

What do you guys think? How do you remember your colors?

N – nudes
S – shiinnyyyyy ….. I mean sparkles


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