Story Time

Once upon a time, there was a young lady who decided to try something new on her nails – newsprint.
So she searched the world’s web for advice. Alas, despite the assurance from the masters in the trade, it was NOT EASY.  20130912_214512_resized

I don’t know how many of you have tried this, but I ran into so many problems. To make it worse, I quote cutepolish “this design is so simple even those who have never attempted 20130912_214413_resizednail art can do this” or at least something like that. LIES!!! Maybe it has to do with the type of newsprint. Or the type of alcohol. To be fair I used 99.5% alcohol instead of the 70 something% she showed in the video. If you must know, this is actually extremely embarrassing and I thought about not even posting but it’s the first set of decent shots of my recent nail designs (yes there are more, no I’m not showing you) now that I have a stand for my camera.

This being said, I know there’s a big difference when someone says its easy and then you actually do it and it’s not. If in any of my tutorials you run into trouble, let me know! It will help me create better tutorials! And help you create the nails you want!

Base: Zoya – Jaqueline
Detail: American Apparel – Malibu Green | SH – Raven | L’oreal – Iron willed | Hard Candy – black tie optional
Top coat: Chanel – Matte top coat

Now reward you for bearing with me thus far, SALE!!!!
Where: Shoppers Drug Mart

Product: Nail polish, nail stickers/strips
Brands: Essie, Nicole, Revlon, Sally Hanson, Quo, Rimmel Maybelline, Loreal (varies by store)
Price: $2
20130912_212217_resized get your butt over there right now! I would suggest ones with less traffic.

This is my haul!! I saved $78 ^_^

Nail stickers: Revlon and SH
Nail Polish:
Maybelline – Blue freeze, twilight rays
Revlon – Enamor, Cobalt
SH – Chocolatte, Sweetie Pie
Rimmel – Hot Cocoa
Nicole – A-Nise treat (Gumdrop effects)20130912_211805_resized
Essie – sssssexy (snakeskin effects)
Quo – Little miss sunshine, rosy cheeks

I don’t normally post swatches, but I’m really tempted to with some of these! let me know which ones I you want to see!


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