Upper Class Lace

I’m back from vacation!!
I hope you haven’t missed me too much! 😉C360_2013-08-13-13-16-26-302_resized_1

I’ve been traveling in a really remote and underdeveloped area of Indonesia to assist in conservation research.

But it was there that I really learned to appreciate all the things that are available to us in a first world country. Things 20130813_130654_resized_1that you never really thought you would take for granted are often a luxury there. Such as stairs, fresh water, clean bathing water, paved/tiled floor, glass windows, a rug etc. Something like lace would be completely frivolous and extremely luxurious.

I can tell you repeatedly, and you’ve heard it so many times, to appreciate the things you have. But it’s really when these things are taken away that you see the things you’ve overlooked in your life. So nail fanatics, step one, imagine your life without nail polish….

Ah I also realize I haven’t been posting my colors….so here they are!
Base: Zoya – Jaqueline
Detail: SH – Royal Icing | SH – Diamonds | SH – Raven


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