Spring Colors

I’ve been on a short vacation to western Canada so sorry I haven’t posted in a while.

20130511_212730_resizedBefore I left, Polly Polish released the new theme for May: 5. As in the theme was the number 5.
I am terrible at participating in these events…I was going to do 5 eggs and 5 flowers and/or 5 petals etc. but….I overestimated my painting (and counting) abilities so I ended up with 3 eggs and 2 flowers with more than 5 petals, 1 owl and FIVE branches of a tree. I’m sorry the picture isn’t up to par with my standards but I did it on the road so be lenient!


HOWEVER! I was finally able to find that creamy, non sheer polish I’ve been hunting for! Jacqueline by Zoya, $6.99 from Winners and that’s what I have as my base.

As for the details, I have used too many colors, but if you’re dying to know, leave a comment and I’ll let you know!

In the meantime..here’s half of my entire collection!


Plus a colorful photo from my journey!P1000166I’m about to leave again to travel internationally, so it’s ciao for now!


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