Black Tie Optional

I found it.

White, black and line speckles. I first saw this in Lynnderella’s – Connect the Dots, and then in OPI’s Cirque du soleil collection – Whirled away. Now may I present you, the newest member to the color pool:
black tie optional
Black Tie Optional by Hard Candy
From Walmart @ $3.98

I almost died when I saw this, I’ve wanted this for SO long. And I had to tear myself away from getting anything from the Candy Sprinkles collection, you know the milky polishes with the sparkles/speckles in it. SO pretty, but so not adaptable. Like what are you going to do with it other than wear it plain. Boring. By the way, if you like the look but not willing to spend money on it (even $4), here’s a video by Lucy’s Stash that shows you how to get the look yourself.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a swatch to show you yet as my nails are occupied at the moment by the Royal Fit


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