Royal Fit

20130417_120548_resizedThere’s something about darker colors that make them mature and sophisticated…or am I just a color synesthete?
(which I am not by the way, but if YOU are I’d love to hear your thoughts! The rest of you can wiki it)

As any university student knows, it’s finals time, and for some reason, I’m finding it extra hard to study this semester. I’ve been pretty apathetic, even about doing my nails *HORROR*. I blame it on having too many styles I want to try. But I recently bought two new colors from GOSH (currently on sale for 50%, $3.50ea, off till June 20th fyi), which is fast becoming my new favorite brand. They don’t have a lot of colors, but they’re really pigmented and good for stamping. The bottles are a little bit smaller, but to be honest, who ever finishes a bottle of nail polish?

Anyway, since I’m not really into it, I decided to try something really simple that I’ve never done before, like tape designs. “simple” is a lie. I used the cheap dollar store kinds and they left residue. I had to WAIT for the polish to be COMPLETELY dry. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know I hate waiting any longer than a minute. So then I had a Royal fit and took several of them off, painted the base color and went to sleep.

So yes, this “simple” design took me all night and all morning, but it’s finally DONE!! If only that were the case for my finals…back to student + dying = studying.


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