l’impression subtile

My mother recently got a job at L’Occitane! 20130326_001347_resized
If anyone knows how to pronounce that properly, please kindly inform me!

But their “dress code” states that they must use very subtle, nude colors. No fancy pants designs.
Gosh, that restricts things a bit…if you’ve seen my designs, you know I don’t really do nude.


So this is “one” of my first attempts at nude and also a test trial Revlon’s Ocean Breeze as a stamping polish. I plan to (hopefully) be able to test all of my colors for stamping quality systematically. You will find the images posted in the color pool.

The hopefully correct English title: The Subtle Print

p.s. has anyone noticed that some of the most amazing polish gurus are FRENCH? FYI, I can’t read french. You have no idea how hard I try. Google translate barely helps 😦

p.p.s. If you’re french, you can Google translate this page. I only hope it is better than the french-english translation.


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