Saint Patty’s Day!

Happy (belated) St. Patricks day!!20130318_233937_resized

There’s this thing on my phone that doesn’t show Canadian holidays…but APPARENTLY, if I had gotten my phone in the states, there’s a built in calendar that you can just click and viola! You have your American holidays! Just another pro to being American. NOT that being Canadian isn’t good. I’m proud to be Canadian (most of the time), but like COME ON! We’re just one imaginary line away from good food, great prices and peculiar conveniences. mawr.

Anywho, that was just a rambling excuse about posting this so late…well it can inspire you for next year!

Bases: SH Extreme Wear – Mint Sorbet | Revlon – Gold Coin
Detail: Gold Coin | SH Ceramics – Raven| Tokidoki – SANDy (Ring Finger) | Arezia #881





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