Polly Polish: Vintage

20130312_220018_resizedI signed up for Polish Days with Polly Polish. Once a month she sends out a theme and all participating members create their own design and share with other members. Vintage is the first theme I’ve participated in!! Super exciting!! and the less exciting part is that I didn’t know how to upload it ….so I didn’t actually share with the other members…but I can share with YOU! and that’s EVEN BETTER!!!polishdays_badge_vintage.172609



In the background is a new makeshift plant terrarium made with a couple of bulbs we got from a recent visit to the farmers market. I’ve always wanted a terrarium so that’s ALSO very exciting!!

Here I’ve combined two separate stamps to make the lace and used the swirling vintage filtertechnique for the roses.

Base: Revlon – Creme Brulee
Details: Sally Hanson – White tip | Gosh – Berry Me | OPI – Suzie sells sushi by the seashore


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