Hubba Bubba

20130221_191646_resizedPeople say that when you’re stressed you tend to see it in the nails. I hereby witness this is the truth. I’ve never had my nails misbehave this way and its terrible because all I want to do when I’m stressed is do my nails which don’t want to be done.

I was only going to do a solid color because this week I will be doing intensive physical labor which means chipping. I already know I will regret this, but I was studying (as implied in “reading” week right?) therefore my nails will get done. I’ve wanted to use this color for so long but I could never think of a design for it since I don’t usually use such bold colors. It’s such a vibrant, hot pink with little gold flakes that just looking at it makes me feel a little more cheerful.

Then of course I decide to try stamping some polishes on paper just to see how they work out, in my stressed out state of mind I stamp it onto my nail. I have the best ideas, I’m aware, thanks. Then I’m facing the conundrum of wiping the thing off the face of the earth or trying to work with it. You can see what happened. I was thinking, this could look brilliant with some nail tape, that I’ve always thought too precious to use. But what the heck, this thing called the internet, you can get anything on it these days. This is only my second time using nail tape, and I’m lovin’ it! Not my usual tastes for bling, but even as I’m typing I can see the flashes of bling on my monitor. AWESOME!

I’ve tested this color before and I know how remarkably sheer it is. So I start with Essie’s Marshmallow for underwear. (Now here I have to say that looking for that one word “underwear” took me 1 hour because I got sucked into the port hole of nail polish world where I dream of one day being “friends” with one of those crazy nail people. And I absolutely cannot believe the word is underwear! I feel like those times when I was little and being tricked into saying it when someone asked you “what’s under there?”). Then applied two coats of Lippmann’s Sweet Dreams, though perhaps three coats might have been better.lippman sweat dreams

I’m nearing the end of this post and I feel I have to add, always put a top coat on RIGHT AFTER you use nail tape!! I’ll let you use your imagination on the after effects. And of course the question is always “what did you use for stamping?” it was Essie’s Little Brown Dress!

“Underwear”: Essie – Marshmallow
Base: Deborah Lippmann – Sweet Dreams
Detail: Essie – Little Brown Dress


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