Tattoo Attack!

Happy Chinese New Years!!!

Right Hand
Right Hand
Left Hand

The year of the snake has come around again and I got a chance to test out this AMAZING new invention! Actually, I have no idea if it’s new, but I’ve never seen it before, therefore it’s new to me. It’s called water stamping!! That’s the literal translation anyways. It’s somewhat between stickers and stamping and akin to those temporary tattoos, but for your nails! I figure this technique hasn’t been made too popular yet so I decided to include my FIRST nail tutorial!!


What you’ll Need:

  • tweezers
  • flat tipped art brush (I don’t know why I put the nail art brush in there, you don’t need that)
  • scissors (probably something smaller)
  • water
  • paper towel
  • the tattoos!
  1. remove protective film
  2. cut it out to the general shape
  3. put cut-out in water for 10-20 seconds (temperature doesn’t matter as long as it’s not extreme)
  4. the paper should just fall off, but if not give the edge a little poke with your brush
    (ALTERNATIVE: while the paper is still attached, pick it up with your tweezers and gently dab it dry with the paper towel. Once dry slide the tattoo off and place onto your nail)
  5. pick up the tattoo with the brush/tweezers
  6. using the brush, smooth out any wrinkles (make sure there is sufficient water)
  7. use paper towel to wipe off any excess water
  8. apply top coat and you’re finished!!

I normally don’t like to decorate all my nails. First it makes the overall design too busy, and it takes more time. But it was so fun I couldn’t resist! and the whole sheet was for cny so I won’t have another chance to do it until next year =(
I like the nail tattoos a lot more than stickers because stickers have that tendency to curl up at the edges, no matter what you do! but these stay on quite nicely underneath the top coat and you can’t even see the edges!! (which I also find annoying) I will definitely be ordering more of these!

Base: Essie – Marshmallow
Detail: Tokidoki – Savannah | Deborah Lippmann – Through the Fire | Revlon – Tuscan Sun

As a follow up, the tattoos dissolve in nail polish remover!!   I used an acetone based one, so I’m not sure if acetone free removers will work.


3 thoughts on “Tattoo Attack!

  1. u have a lot of patience to paint ur nails so beautifully all the time! i have a hard time just painting them one solid colour hahaha

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