Through the Fire

Deborah Lippmann: Through the fire (Limited Edition)

Through the Fire
Through the Fire

Market Price: $22
Price I got: Free (no way right? I’ll get into it.)

This brand is kinda a high end brand for me. Anything over $15 for a polish is…unless it’s like SUPER amazing. I haven’t found that yet, but deborah makes some kick butt polish. If you are not familiar with this brand, you need to go test it at your local cosmetic store. As a short intro, Deborah is a singer with a passion for nail polish. Her nail polish is now more famous than her songs, so maybe she’s a manicurist with a passion for singing. Debatable. She went to New York, made a big name yadda yadda and is now the manicurist for celebrities etc. Google her.

This is actually my first time doing a swatch. Gosh is it stressful to have a close up of your nails and in HD. Now you can see every tiny microscopic effort I go to take care of my nails (which is like, none.) But don’t worry, I would never hurt your eyes by making you look at that. I edited it. But still far from perfect.

Yes that was all suspense. NOW, how do you get it for free?? (no I didn’t steal it.) So if you’re from Canada, you might have heard about this humble little store called shoppers drug mart. They also have another company called Murale that specializes in cosmetics that are a little more high end than what your local pharmacy would have. They have this thing called OPTIMUM POINTS. After you finish reading this, go sign up for this.
You get points every time you spend money there which turns into “credit” for you to buy things. For example, if you spend $100 you’ll get $5 in your account to spend anyway you like. That isn’t exact, just for illustration purposes.
But here’s the catch. They have 20x the points events, so that means 20x the credits. Go and buy your face wash, moisturizers, eye liners, make up remover, sunscreen, cotton swabs etc. basics (or not). Then there are also events where your points are worth more than they are. Typically, the more points you have, the greater the additional worth. Sometimes they may be $20 more and even $50 more. So keep your points till you max out the optimal trade point. For me, it took me about 2-3 years and at the end I got $300 to just take whatever I want. It was GREAT. And I did make some small trades in between to get some stuff I really wanted but didn’t want to pay for.


p.s. no, I don’t work for them. And if you’re American, sorry! Please share if there are similar deals there. But your nail polish is cheaper as it is =(


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