Let it Glow

Christmas lights are not an original idea, but I thought, why not try and make them glow?

Let it Glow
Let it Glow

The sparkles were the hard part, for green and yellow I had to steal little sparkles that clung to the polish brush. For the red I developed a new technique. I put a couple drops of clear polish into a compartment of paint tray (I think some kind of plastic would work too, but the tray keeps it contained) and then sprinkle as much sparkle as you want onto it. Now you have glitter polish!

If you find glitter that you looove, you could probably just pour it into the bottle directly, but I haven’t found that yet. Plus I like having the flexibility.

Base color: Sally Hanson – Raven (which is NOT pure black, but it’s pretty sufficient)
Green lights: Deborah Lippmann – Mermaid’s Dream
Yellow lights: Deborah Lippmann – Boom Boom Pow; Revlon – Gold Coin
Red lights: Loreal – Iron-willed
honestly can’t remember what I used for the vines…


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