When I meet another nail fanatic, the first thing (or eventually) that comes baseup is “what do you use for top and base?” and even the occasional remover.

I use OPI for my base. Before that, I’ve tried Revlon quick dry. It didn’t work for me. First of all because it was NOT quick dry it took like 30 min before I could do anything with it. And also it attracts things. I’ll try and go do other things when my nails are semi-dry and before you know it, stuff is coming off, dust is getting stuck to it and then you’ve got scary blackened nails. I lead a busy life and the last thing I need are wet nails, from the start, to hinder me. So, they don’t work for me, but I can’t tell your story.

Then I met OPI at winners for $7, so I’m like what the heck, it’s a pretty good brand, I’ll give it a try. This is my first OPI by the way. And it’s like love. It dries within 30 sec., and when I take my nail polish off, my nails are still that happy white! Over time my nails have just been happier. Your base is one of the most important things, so invest in a good one. (by invest I mean something more than $5)

I was going to go through my top, remover and other care products….but I’m running out of time. So that’s it for now!

And yes I’ll add a new category for care and basics


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