Popular Polar

I actually did this design a few days ago, when it was realistically -40 something outside. Somehow I felt that if I had polar bears on my nails, I would feel warmer.
I’ve tested that theory and ….No. When you live in warm and cheery Edmonton, you gotta get creative okay?

Some of you may have recognized this popular polar bear. If you’re a Pepsi drinker, or a non-pinterest user, then maybe not. YAY! Then you can say you saw it first from me!
And as promised, this is a better design for the holo, it reminds me of the refracting pristine snow and arctic ice where the polar bear lives.
What was that? there’s REAL SNOW in the BACKGROUND? xD
Thanks for noticing heh heh heh…But don’t worry, I didn’t get a frostbite, I’m a professional Canadian.

Base color: Urban Outfitters – Silver Holo
Detailing: Essie – Set in stone, Sally Hanson – White tip & Raven (have you noticed SH has the most original names? They really should consult a psychologist and know that names make a difference. Yes I have a reference for that.)


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