Quality Quilts

Once upon a time, I typed a blog and it ran away into cyberspace.
The End.

I’m most reluctant to type this blog, not that I don’t love you guys, but because I had “hypothetically” (just take my word for it okay?) already written one!!! I don’t remember what I wrote in my ramblings exactly but it probably went something like this….

This is one of those designs that actually took me “time”, oh maybe around 1.5 hrs?
But honestly most of it was spent on experimenting. The concept itself is not that hard.
1. Paint 1st layer of your desired color. Allow to completely dry.
2. Paint 2d layer, allow to PARTIALLY dry. This is the hard part.
3. Then using a hard edge (preferably something with the thickness of a ruler, and small so you can handle it) “emboss” you design onto your nails
4. if you wish, add little sparkles where the lines intersect. (this is also time consuming)
and you’re finished! More quality stuff than the snakeskin effect by Essie don’t you think?

Base: Sally Hanson – Deeply Violet
Detail: Essie – Set in Stone



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