Was killing some time at Urban Outfitters when I came across some holographic nail polish on a 2 for $8 rack. Obviously the nail fanatic in me couldn’t resist. Of course some dreams are too good to be true, the holographic kind wasn’t part of the deal, but the unreasonable consumer in me couldn’t walk away so I picked up two glitter polishes instead and said goodbye to the holographic.

I’ve wanted to add a holographic nail polish to my collection forever…yet $11 for a holo seems justifiable…no more dwelling!

Anyways, this purple glitter is one of the polishes I picked up which actually looks much nicer in the bottle. I spiced it up with a some gold flakies which makes it look like one of those custom glitter polishes that sell for $25+, and as I’m supposed to studying chemistry (which is like nail on a chalkboard) I thought the name “Chemical” was quite fitting. Would you buy it? heehehee….

The other glitter I picked up was Unicorn, which is worth it just for the name itself. All in all $4 for glitter polish is not a bad catch, but I’m still dreaming about that holo…

Polishes used (bottom up):
Deborah Lippmann: Private Dancer
Essie: Gold as it gets
Urban Outfitter: Spicy
Am. Apparel: Meteor Shower

p.s. fools at Urban outfitters had me try the colors on carbon paper! ugh! Thankfully I came prepared with tape!


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